Thursday, 14 November 2013

Billy Goat Scratch

We started using a new website called Scratch last week. We drew the background in Vector mode. Andy said we could draw a hill out of a square! We didn't believe him until he showed us the reshape tool, which let us change the shape from a square to a curved hill. It was like magic!

To make another hill, we used the stamp tool and then resized it to make it a smaller hill in front of the other hill. Using the fill tool, we changed the colour of it.

This week, we started to draw a goat in vector mode again. The body was made out of an oval shape. To make the legs, we drew a rectangle and then using the reshape tool to narrow it in the middle. The hoof was added by using the circle tool. We grouped it together and used the stamp tool to make 3 other legs.

The goat's face was created using the oval shape and a white circle for the eye with a smaller black circle inside. This was grouped and then stamped to create the other eye.

Some of us have started to add the ears, the same way as the eyes.

Once we have finished, we will add them to our blog to show you.

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